What quantity setup do the Twitter and also Facebook applications comply with?

I asked an inquiry concerning silencing only certain sounds and also determined to select the AudioManager widget, which is functioning fairly well. My major usages are to silence every little thing yet alarm systems and also the ringer when I'm resting and also every little thing when I'm in class. Nonetheless, if I get an alert from Facebook or Twitter (both the main applications by Facebook and also Twitter, specifically) during the night, they still go off, that makes me assume that these applications either make use of the ringer quantity (as opposed to the sharp quantity) or some quantity that AudioManager does not have control over.

The quantity regulates given by AudioManager are Alarm Volume, Music Volume, Alerts Volume, Ringer Volume, System Volume, and also Voice call Volume. Alarm system quantity is constantly 7/ 7, songs quantity is where ever before it was last time I paid attention to songs (in the auto, I have it 15/ 15, and also generally 8/ 15 when I'm paying attention with earbuds), signals is 7/ 7 throughout the day and also 0/ 7 during the night, ringer is constantly 7/ 7, system is 7/ 7 throughout the day and also 0/ 7 during the night, and also voice call quantity is 3/ 5.

So, my inquiries:

(1) What quantity do these applications in fact make use of for notifications?

(2) Is there a very easy means (without needing to open both applications and also switch off notifications during the night, after that transform them back on) to silence these notifications? This consists of perhaps switching over far from AudioManager to an additional free application.

2019-05-09 11:33:05
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Answers: 2

1) App notifications make use of the Ringer quantity for just how loud the alert is played.

2) You can make use of an application like Locale or Tasker to instantly silence your Ringer quantity throughout the evening. After that you can create exemptions if you require for sure individuals to be able to call you throughout the evening.

2019-05-10 07:57:05

Quick Settings has a different "Notification Volume" which for me regulates every one of my applications notifications (although I have FB and also Twitter alert off at the resource). An additional application I make use of is Quick Profiles for rapid changing in between pre-programmed accounts. This application additionally can regulate the "Notification Volume". I have a details account set for when I rest that switches off all notifications. An additional point you can do is switch off AutoSync during the night which is a toggle on the supply Power Widget. In this way you would certainly still get telephone calls and also messages yet it would certainly upgrade any one of your e-mail or applications.

For the document, Quick Settings can regulate the adhering to quantity degrees :

  • Ringer Volume
  • Notification Volume
  • Media Volume
  • Alarm Volume
  • Voice Call Volume
  • System Volume

along with the Master Volume.

2019-05-10 07:48:37