I saw the 'z4root' application on the Droid market recently. Is it secure to make use of on my Samsung Galaxy S?

Any person made use of the Z4ROOT program to root/unroot his tool? Can I utilize it on my Samsung Galaxy S phone?

Is it an actual origin/ unroot procedure? I am a programmer myself and also recognize just how much damages you can do on a computer system if you have way too much power and also inadequate expertise.

Nonetheless, a real origin/ unroot program appears excellent. In this way I can root the tool if essential (f.i. to order a screen dump or whatever) and also unroot the tool immediatly after that (till such time I actually recognize what I'm doing - if ever before :) ).

2019-05-09 11:40:43
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The XDA post for z4root claims that it is 100% suitable with Samsung Galaxy S and also will certainly give an irreversible root alternative.

V1.2.0 : Unroot assistance, solution for tools with tiny max documents dimension such as I5700, binaries in xbin as opposed to container

So it claims it will unroot? I have actually not utilized this method to root any kind of phones, so I can not attest it.

2019-05-10 21:26:38

I've rooted my SGS with z4root and also it was a really smooth procedure! I can very advise z4root!

And also while you're at it, proceed with mounting One Click Lag Fix to make your SGS lag a whole lot much less! I did it, and also have not recalled given that. OCLF is made by the very same individual that made z4root, but also for some unusual factor, OCLF can, on its own, just origin pre - froyo phones. Yet that's not a large trouble, you simply require 2 applications as opposed to one :)

2019-05-10 21:16:25

I made use of z4root on Samsung Galaxy 3, and also it was fairly smooth.

The most convenient means to origin (unroot) android.

2019-05-10 21:11:18