Why does not my SIM card does permit a link to this network?

In Android 2.2 from a HTC Desire Z I am regularly locating my phone separated from my mobile carrier.

When I select my carrier from the Settings - > Wireless & networks - > Mobile networks - > Network drivers - > Search networks - > I get the message "Your SIM card does not permit a link to this network".

The only solution I can locate is to reactivate my phone. Trouble shows up to extensively influence Android phones.

2019-05-09 11:43:02
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Another source of this mistake message is that the nation in which you are might need your IMEI to be signed up with the federal government - if you have actually currently registered it examine whether it has actually been gotten rid of from the relevent checklist (Turkey in my instance so I examined http://imei.tk.gov.tr/tr/imeisorgu.php and also located it had actually been gotten rid of) and also speak to the relevent federal government authorities to get it return on.

I do not recognize why the mistake message describes the SIM card - it misdirected me and also thrown away hrs of my time as the trouble in my instance was absolutely nothing to do with the SIM card. I think this is an Android mistake message - I assume the message needs to be boosted and also probably state "IMEI" yet I am not exactly sure specifically what it needs to claim. Probably others in this discussion forum can recommend a far better mistake message.

2019-05-19 17:13:48

It shows up numerous websites recommend protecting against the phone from making use of 3G. I have actually entered into Settings - > Wireless & network - > Mobile networks - > Network Mode - > GSM just.

This shows up to have actually dealt with the concern for me. Certainly this would not be a remedy for any person that relies upon mobile information (yet my carrier costs a lot for information that I'm wi - fi just).

2019-05-10 08:01:18