How can I add crawlers to an Alien Swarm online video game?

Just how can I play Alien Swarm with just one close friend and also have the AI control the various other 2 personalities?

I locate it really hard to have fun with just 2 personalities, and also I would certainly such as to load the vacant ports with AI.

I recognize it has to be feasible in some way.

MODIFY : The accepted answer jobs, yet the crawlers do not do anything greater than shooting (no recovery, no welding, absolutely nothing). I need to regulate them to do anything greater than simply shooting.

Does any person recognize just how to address this?

2019-05-09 11:44:20
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To add a crawler to your video game : cl_selectm (marinenum) (slot)

To remove a crawler from your video game : cl_dselectm (marinenum)

(marinenum) need to be in between 0 - 7 and also represents the personality to be included.

(port) needs to be in between 0 - 3 and also connects to the gamer port the crawler will certainly load. - 1 can additionally be made use of ; this will certainly load the next readily available port.

These commands have to be made use of while in the entrance hall ; utilizing them anywhere else will certainly cause void command mistakes.

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2019-05-10 08:14:40