SQL server in VMware

Please give your pointers and also ideal techniques for virtualizing SQL Server in VMWare ESX I want innovative arrangements and also settings.

Please give thinking behind your referrals

Modify: Simply to make clear, I currently have more than 70 Virtual SQL web servers in different collections making use of an ISCSI equallogic San -

What I am actually seeking are those innovative arrangements like:

Just how you configured your disks/ RDM's

Do you take advantage of settings like Mem.ShareScanGHz - http://communities.vmware.com/thread/143828 - that are not well recorded

2019-05-03 23:48:12
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This subject was covered indepth in a current VMware areas podcast. Please see below : http://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2009/03/virtualizing-sql-server-podcast-white-paper.html, and also eavesdrop to episode # 42 below : http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=19367

2019-05-11 23:21:30

Normally I despise connecting to supplier whitepapers, yet VMware's released a whitepaper on this that is remarkably excellent:


Everything in there is necessary, and also I can attest a great deal of 'em directly. Much less digital CPUs is actually far better than even more : if you're not saturating 100% of a solitary CPU, after that you do not intend to add a 2nd digital CPU. It concerns the means VMware CPU organizing functions.

The only point that isn't clearly specified in the doc is multipathing. With ESX 3.5 and also earlier, you do not get real active/active multipathing for your SAN. If you require greater than one HBA of transmission capacity to a solitary digital equipment, it requires to remain as a physical equipment till vSphere 4 appears, and also also after that, you need to get the leading - of - the - line version so as to get real multipathing.

2019-05-09 08:04:36

We have a 3 node vmware collection, with each node being a HP 365 (2xCPU 4 core, 1.8 Mhz ), 32 GB RAM per web server and also Fibre Channel links to lots of disk.

We sustain over 20 SQL vm's (SQL2000, SQL2005 and also SQL2008, live, dev and also examine ) plus various other common Windows 2003 web servers (iis6, application, file and also print etc ) and also contend the very least double that still to move onto it, and also I do not anticipate to have any kind of performance troubles.

The 3 nodes offer us "over the leading" redundancy and also resiliency. If one node drops (or for upkeep ) the various other 2 can still give the very same performance. 3 is a deluxe (or ideal technique as they such as to call it ), 2 would certainly suffice.

The real vm's are fairly light. Generally 1vCPU and also 1GB RAM, and also they organize 20 or 30 data sources. 1 or 2 of the more busy vm's are double that yet that's generally as a result of severely created applications making use of SQL Server as plaything (not making use of saved treatments etc, yet that's reviewed to fatality on the "various other" website!; )

The vm offers us the adaptability to create even more "smaller sized" web servers that have comparable use patterns (maintain the large information moving companies far from the light-weight internet site systems ) and/or SLA needs (maintain all the vital things along with an usual and also standard procedure techniques ).

Considered that we have lots of RAM, CPU and also rapid disk, we've not needed to micro-tune our system. The DISK is numerous RAID 10 selections (about divided in between OS, purchase logs and also database ) with some large RAID% for back-ups & dumps.

Great deals of repetitive 1GB network links right into repetitive side buttons.

2019-05-07 18:19:36