Pressure an adjustment to a program's key bindings

Is it feasible to compel an adjustment to a program's keybindings? E.g., as opposed to a food selection activity being conjured up by Cmd-J it's Cmd-K?

The factor I ask is that Cmd-Q in Firefox drives me nuts. I periodically struck it as opposed to Cmd-W (to close a tab) & I need to await my whole instance of Firefox to stop & after that reactivate. I would certainly enjoy to bind "Quit" to something ludicrous (or remove it entirely).

My hope is this remains in a source documents that's conveniently hacked?

2019-05-05 18:01:51
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No source documents hacking essential ; it's all constructed in to the GUI. And also not just that, yet Apple's also recorded it :

(the above thinks you're on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, yet every person with a support group needs to be now.)

2019-05-08 09:55:43