Can a person inform me just how to accurately backup over a network making use of TimeMachine, without a TimeCapsule?

I've obtained a massive web server (running Ubuntu Linux) which has actually obtained a 2TB raid resting there simply asking for me to backup to it.

I run netatalk to enable sharing using the AFP method to my Macs (all my customer boxes are Macs virtually) and also had arrangement timemachine to make use of a common drive on the web server as it's location.

Just problem is it appears to be entirely unstable. I reguarly get troubles where TimeMachine can not end up the backup for one factor or an additional, and also occasionally it appears to bring the entire web server down (I recognize its a software program as opposed to a hardware concern due to the fact that the web server is in fact Ubuntu running under KVM and also the KVM host is constantly still running).

So the inquiry is has any person had any kind of success attempting to do this? Does any person recognize of any kind of concerns? Exists a far better means to deal with this? I recognize its a little obscure yet I was asking yourself if various other customers had experiences to share.

2019-05-05 18:08:34
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jwz released a good article on the subject :

The cosmos often tends towards maximum paradox. Do not push it.

2019-05-08 17:38:58

The transportation does not issue (I do it over AFP to an airport terminal extreme and also SMB to a FreeBSD box (onto a raidz quantity).

The key is making it possible for back-ups to in need of support quantities :

defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

This will certainly make a placed share readily available and also create a thin disk photo atop it and also permit you to support to that.

2019-05-08 17:14:32

Here's a write-up I've come across that defines just how to set up an Ubuntu box to be identified as something to make use of with Time Machine by OSX. I've suggested to hack this with each other on my Gentoo, yet never ever navigated to do, so I'm not making warranties of whether it functions or otherwise.

In brief, it's a 6 - action overview on making OSX assume that your Ubuntu computer system is a XServe box, due to the fact that it will certainly have the ability to chat AFP and also Bonjour.

  1. Change and also install Netatalk (Open Source AFP execution)
  2. Configure Netatalk
  3. Configure shared quantities (and also Time Machine quantity)
  4. Install Avahi (Open Source Bonjour execution)
  5. Configure Avahi and also market solutions
  6. Configure TimeMachine
2019-05-08 14:25:14

I have actually had success with this, yet not making use of AFP. With OSX macs, you're better off making use of Samba and also placing the shares in this way. I've been making use of that for a long time without unwell results.

2019-05-08 09:31:51