Exists a very easy means to remove a URL from Safari's address bar background?

So, I enjoy the new, awesomebar-style address bar in Safari 5 - with it's background search, I've specified where I no more make use of bookmarks for the majority of websites, I simply bear in mind the 2-4 letter strings that will certainly bring what I intend to the top of the search engine result.

This is wonderful, with the exception of when I mess up and also add points to the background that screw with it. As an example, among my most made use of faster ways was to reach a website I constant by keying "bl" and also striking enter. In some way, at one factor, I did this without a search showing up, and also currently, the "Top Hit" for "bl" is "http:// bl/", which is clearly, not a real website.

Exists any kind of means to remove a solitary access from the background without getting rid of the background totally?

Incentive factors if it can be done from the address bar without browsing about in prefs or anything. While the solutions presently offered job, I would certainly enjoy to locate an less complicated means to do it.

2019-05-05 18:11:54
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click show all book mark (open publication) ahead - left of your safari. after that look the website you intend to remove (e.g : http://bl) afterwards delete it from background when you delete the singe website you never ever locate http://bl when press bl in address bar.

search below :

2019-05-08 11:43:44

Go in bookmarks food selection and also select show bookmarks, after that look the link you intend to delete with the search area on the leading right (under the internet search engine bar), select the link to remove in the lower component on hit delete key

2019-05-08 11:42:18