Just how to access a Windows shared drive/folder from Ubuntu?

Especially, what are the login qualifications I require to give?

Information: The equipment I intend to accessibility is running Windows 7, and also I'm certain the folder sharing is functioning as various other Windows equipments can access it. In Ubuntu, I can most likely to Places -> Network and also i see the equipment there and also open it, when I attempt to watch the common folder it will certainly motivate me for Username/Domain/Password.

Are these qualifications intended to be my login information on the various other equipment? My account there does not have a password however, should I leave it empty? I'm additionally unclear what "Domain" requires to be.

2019-05-05 18:46:47
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Your login needs to without a doubt be your login on the remote equipment.

There is no other way to permit basic accessibility to your residence folder over the network without a password. If you desire complete accessibility to your residence folder, you have to offer your account a password. You can leave automated login activated if you merely do not intend to type a password at start-up.

You can, nonetheless, permit accessibility to the Public directory site in your house directory site without calling for login. To do that, most likely to Network and Sharing CenterChange advanced sharing settings, activate Public folder sharing, and also switch off Password protected sharing (situated under the Advanced Sharing Options area near all-time low).

The domain name, if this isn't on an ActiveDirectory domain name (which promises, given that your account has no password), need to be either empty or words WORKGROUP in all caps.

2019-05-08 09:26:42

Wild hunch ... yet have you attempted the customer visitor , invitado or whatever is the name of the windows visitor customer in your language?.

2019-05-08 09:18:42