Just how can I get documents on my iPad right into my Dropbox?

Allow's claim I get a documents in an e-mail, or have it saved in GoodReader, or locate a link to it on the internet, and also intend to place it right into my Dropbox making use of the ipad application.

It feels like the only documents you can add from the application are images and also video clip. Am I missing out on anything? Goodreader is a wonderful instance of just how an application can "draw in" suitable documents from e-mails, etc, yet I can not locate any kind of comparable capacity in the Dropbox application.

2019-05-05 19:00:18
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Here is a wonderful remedy : http://sendtodropbox.com

And here is just how I located it. Many thanks votebox!

2019-12-01 20:28:51

Regarding that link on the internet, icabmobile : http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/icab-mobile-web-browser/id308111628?mt=8 can download and install documents and also upload to dropbox.

2019-12-01 20:28:41

I think that whilst this capacity is not consisted of in the main dropbox application, it is feasible to complete making use of GoodReader for iPad.

  1. Open GoodReader on iPad and also expand the area in the lower right of the major screen which claims "Connect to Servers"
  2. Tap "Add"
  3. Tap "Dropbox"
  4. Enter your information and also click add
  5. Now touch the web server you simply included (I called it "Dropbox")
  6. In the lower right-hand man edge of the popover that simply showed up is a switch claiming upload. Touch it.
  7. Select the documents you intend to post and also touch "Upload"

You will just require to do actions 5 - 7 the 2nd time

2019-05-09 07:06:27

I've been intending to do this also, yet so far fruitless. From the Dropbox in - application aid, it mentions, ' The iPad variation of the Dropbox Mobile Application permits you to post any kind of video clips or images synced to your gallery.'

So, from that I would certainly think that you're not missing out on anything - your only upload alternatives presently are images and also video clip from the basic gallery. : - (

It'll interest see if individuals post any kind of useful workarounds, certainly. : -)

2019-05-08 10:18:17

You can make use of Habilis to email documents to Dropbox. I utilize it to move images from my phone to my iPad without requiring the camera link package. It functions like a beauty.

If you have a Mac, you can additionally make use of MobileDL to get documents right into Dropbox. It's an application that permits you to paste a URL right into Simplenote on your iPad/iPhone/iPod and also it'll start downloading and install the documents on your Mac. Simply see to it to enter into the choices when you install it and also set the downloads folder to your Dropbox. The disadvantage, certainly, is that you'll need to leave your Mac on in the house so you can utilize it.

2019-05-08 04:55:35