Just how should I cleanse the followers on PS3?

My 40gb PS3 has actually lately begun making unclean follower sounds. On my COMPUTER I would certainly remove a side panel and also tidy every little thing out with a canister of pressed air. Yet I'm unclear if this is the proper procedure for a PS3.

So: What is the most effective technique for cleansing the followers on PS3? Can I simply push pressed air right right into the vents, or should I take it apart first?

2019-05-05 19:02:25
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I have actually cleansed my PS3 vents numerous times without damages done ... I've uncovered that the PS3 is a very easy to open/re-assemble system.

In my instance I assume is far better to cleanse the PS3 inside ...

you can follow this video clip ... it demonstrates how to open the instance of the PS3 in order to cleanse it.

2019-05-08 04:59:31