Just how do I set up routing for a VPN portal different from my major portal?

I have an average router/firewall set up for my tiny firm's Internet accessibility. I've additionally included a different VPN (IPSec) portal making use of a Netgear VPN router. The major portal and also VPN portal have different public IP addresses, and also the VPN customers have a various subnet from the office LAN (which is simply exactly how the Netgear functions - I can not place them on the very same subnet as every person else).

The trouble is that website traffic in between LAN PCs and also VPN customers does not course appropriately. LAN customers can sound VPN customers, yet VPN customers can not sound LAN customers (making use of Wireshark I see the ping reaches the customer, yet the customer can not react).

I have a routing access on the major portal to aim all website traffic to the VPN subnet to the VPN portal. Nonetheless, that does not appear to do the method. The only remedy I've located is to add a fixed routing access on the all the PCs on the LAN to aim them to the VPN portal for its subnet. Nonetheless, this does not benefit ingrained tools that do not permit you to do fixed routing.

What am I doing incorrect?

Below are the IPs/subnets concerned (the general public addresses are forged for personal privacy) :

LAN: VPN customers:

LAN Gateway: (WAN: VPN Gateway: (WAN:

The LAN Gatway has a course for ->

I have partial success with each COMPUTER having a fixed course for ->


The VPN portal is a Netgear ProSafe VPN Firewall FVS338, and also the major portal is an Actiontec MI424-WR (for Verizon FiOS).

2019-05-05 19:03:41
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Just like you have a course to the major portal aiming all the website traffic to the vpn subnet to the vpn portal, you require a course in the vpn portal aiming all website traffic to the major subnet to the major portal.

2019-05-08 10:09:16