What are the minimum mobile COMPUTER specifications for Flash HD video clip?

I'm interested in acquiring a netbook or note pad COMPUTER that can run Flash HD video clip like Hulu, ABC.com, and also HD Youtube. What are the minimum spec CPUs called for to play this web content without choking?

2019-05-05 19:09:26
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Each website makes use of a somewhat various flash gamer (usually personalized) though they all make use of comparable encoding and also bitrates. You will certainly locate that at the margin, some laptop computers will certainly play most websites yet not all as a result of 'added' things the flash gamer is trying to do past the audio/video.

Nonetheless, on-line HD flash video clip usually contains reduced bitrate h. 264 encoding, and also contrasted to pressing it, unwinding it is reasonably pain-free, specifically given that they are usually inscribing to concerning 720p 12 - 24 frames/second.

Any kind of computer system with a 2+GHz solitary core or 1.6 ghz twin core that's not stalled with any kind of various other procedures (history infection check, web surfing, etc) needs to take care of web HD video clip simply great.

Going better, if you intend to translate actual HD (ATSC receiver, blu - ray, gushes, etc) after that you actually require something much better than 2+GHz twin core.

You'll additionally locate that in the lower end equipments the incorporated graphics and also reduced memory will certainly hinder. You might require a somewhat much faster cpu and also memory bus (and also even more memory) to make up if your equipment does not have actually committed video clip memory.

- Adam

2019-05-12 03:25:19

Well ... it depends. Not just on your CPU, yet the os too. However, I've seen that flash video clips aren't as wonderful in linux as they get on windows (or perhaps OSX ). So what os you'll be making use of need to be thought about (plus, at the very least the last time I examined, ABC.com needed you to make use of windows =/ )

That claimed, netbooks as a whole will not benefit seeing HD video clips (yet ). I'm certain it's feasible, yet there will certainly be lag.

If you get a core 2 duo, you need to be great. You can get them extremely economical nowadays, so it should not be a trouble locating them. Hell, with my old 1.8 ghz centrino laptop I can play HD flash, so primarily any kind of various other points nowadays need to function.

2019-05-07 17:58:06