Why would certainly the aptitude binary be missing out on if its plan is mounted?

The other day I updated a laptop computer from Kubuntu 9.04 (Lucid) to 9.10 (Karmic). After that after that I attempted to install some software program

$ sudo aptitude install dont-remember-what-it-was

and also I get

sudo: aptitude: command not found

Wait, what? Just how can aptitude be missing out on? And also it's not simply that - apt-get and also dpkg additionally in some way strangely disappeared from the system. I've by hand signed in /usr/bin and also all the various other directory sites in $PATH and also validated that the documents in fact do not exist.

$ ls /usr/bin/aptitude
ls: cannot access /usr/bin/aptitude: No such file or directory

The good news is I have 2 visual plan supervisors readily available, Adept Installer and also KPackageKit. Both of them report that the aptitude plan is mounted. I attempted uninstalling and also re-installing it via the GUI, simply to be secure, and also the uninstall/reinstall appeared to go off easily. Yet the real program binaries are still missing out on.

Is this something regular? Otherwise, has any person ever before come across it taking place? Is it most likely that the missing out on programs will amazingly re-emerge if I update to 10.04?

MODIFY: I have no suggestion what was taking place, yet after leaving the computer system off over night and also a number of reboots, the trouble appears to have actually repaired itself. All the appropriate documents appear to be there.

2019-05-05 19:18:01
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This is most definitely not regular. I recommend you do a filesystemcheck as well as additionally examine mounted documents with md5sum similar to this :

md5sum -c /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.md5sums 2>/dev/null | grep -v OK$

And afterwards possibly re-install the damaged plans with :

sudo apt-get install --reinstall aptitude
2019-05-08 10:46:00

That is most definitely not regular!

To get dpkg and also apt - come back you can do the adhering to : Download dpkg_1.15.8.2ubuntu3_i386.deb and also apt_0.7.25.3ubuntu9.1_i386.deb

ar x dpkg_1.15.8.2ubuntu3_i386.deb
sudo tar -C / -xzf data.tar.gz
ar x apt_0.7.25.3ubuntu9.1_i386.deb
sudo tar -C / -xzf data.tar.gz

Keep in mind that some plans at inside pressed with lzma as opposed to gzip, so one would certainly need to make use of

sudo tar --lzma -xf data.tar.lzma

After that you need to have the ability to do apt-get update and afterwards install aptitude with

apt-get install --reinstall aptitude

I actually cant advise that individuals install plans similar to this! Make certain to consider the arrangement of the details plan, and also if any kind of dependence is missing out on! And also when possible reinstall the plans via apt or dpkg after that.

2019-05-08 08:26:09