Stop Sophos attempting to upgrade quickly after login

Every one of our company PCs have actually Sophos mounted, yet we're obtaining issues concerning slow-moving network rate and also boot times from the customers.

We've tracked this to Sophos looking for updates as quickly as the customer visit - the monitoring procedure consumes cycles on the workstation, and also the network accessibility of 100+ PCs to examine the web server at the beginning of the day consumes the transmission capacity.

Is it feasible to stop the Sophos auto-updating solution from doing this, and also make it wait to the next scheduled check time (which obtains randomised with time)?

2019-05-05 19:29:21
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This blog post speak about just how you might set up these vehicle - updates. The Sophos internet site has even more details ; Google showed up a lot of reminders, also.

2019-05-19 10:27:03