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I am presently working with a task and also my objective is to situate message in an image. Optical Character Recognition' ing the message is not my purpose since yet. I intend to primarily get the bounds of message within an image. I am making use of the AForge.Net imaging part for adjustment. Any kind of aid in some feeling or an additional?

Update 2/5/09: I've given that accompanied an additional course in my task. Nonetheless I did effort to get message making use of MODI (Microsoft Office Document Imaging). It permits you to OCR an image and also draw message from it with some convenience.

2019-05-03 23:52:12
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identifying message inside an image is without a doubt a warm subject for scientists because area, yet just started to outgrow control when captcha's came to be the "standard" in regards to protection versus spam crawlers. Why make use of captcha's as defense? well due to the fact that it is/was really tough to situate (and also read) message inside an image!

The reason that I state captcha's is due to the fact that one of the most innovation * is made within that little location, and also I assume that your remedy can be best located there. specifically due to the fact that captcha's are without a doubt concerning situating message (or something that appears like message) inside a chaotic image and also after that attempting to read the letters appropriately.

so if you can locate on your own a good open source captcha breaking tool you possibly have all you require to proceed your pursuit ...
You can possibly also throw out one of the most dificult code that takes care of the personality acknowledgment itself, due to the fact that those OCR's are made use of to read altered message, something you do not need to do.

* : innovation in regards to noticeable, useful, and also sensible details for a "non - scientist"

2019-05-08 15:40:56

This is an energetic location of study. There are essentially loads of scholastic documents on the topic. It's mosting likely to be hard to offer you aid specifically w/o even more deatails. Are you seeking details sorts of message? Typefaces? English-only? Are you accustomed to the scholastic literary works?

" Text discovery" is a typical trouble in any kind of OCR (optical personality acknowledgment ) system and also subsequently there are great deals of littles code on the interwebs that manage it.

I can start detailing heaps of web links from google yet I recommend you simply do a look for "message discovery" and also start reviewing : ). There is enough instance code readily available too.

2019-05-07 17:43:44