Shed LXDE food selections after changing/ residence

I am attempting Lubuntu on an old laptop computer. I have in the past and also after the install I had 2 dividings (+ swap) placing on / and also on /home. When I did the Lubuntu install I informed it to overlook the /home dividing. After the Lubuntu install I visited and also every little thing showed up ALRIGHT.

I placed the/ residence dividing as /hold.old. After that I replicated all the documents from /home to /home.old. After that for each and every customer I chown' ed right stuff in /home.old. After that I modified /etc/fstab to place the/ residence dividing. After that I relabelled /home. After that I restarted.

All my old documents are where I anticipated them in the /home filesystem. Yet my LXDE menu system is screwed up. As opposed to the complete menu system I just have incurable and also logout. I assumed that a lot of the menu system stayed in /usr/share. Yet, evidently LXDE has some menu things in /home that I did not get replicated over appropriately.

Exists a fast means to recover the default LXDE menu system? Can you aim some documents that would certainly benefit finding out the sysadmin degree operations of LXDE?

2019-05-05 19:39:56
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Just show all the surprise documents making use of CTRL+H and afterwards duplicate EVERYTHING. The arrangement will certainly remain in/ residence someplace. In a surprise documents there can be alot of arrangements. Specifically in.config.

2019-05-08 09:05:34