UNE takes around 30 mins to start up (mounted via WUBI)

For one reason or another my ubuntu UNE takes around 30 mins to start up.

All I see is


with hardly any kind of harddrive task

Addressing txwikinger's comment:

  • It took place given that the first install (this practices is not observed on the real-time usb)
  • the only point mounted was windows 7 web server version
  • worthwhile to keep in mind, that i appear to have grub 2. after that windows start up supervisor. after that grub 1


I neglected to state that it was mounted making use of wubi (my very first time installation making use of such software program)

EDIT 2 (Oct - 28)

entering into grub and also by hand filling the bit, It obtains stuck at:

[0.797171] bit) thread_helper +0 x6/0x10]

I'm thinking it's either this job or the job after it that are monopolizing my system

i additionally get the adhering to mistake VFS: open course tool" (null)" ... please add a proper "root=" boot

bit panic not syncing vfs incapable to place root fs on unkwon-block (8,1)

PID 1, comm: swapper not educated

call trace:

  • ? printk
  • panic
  • mount_block_root
  • ? sys_mknod
  • mount_root
  • prepare_namespace
  • ? sys_access
  • kernel_init
  • ? kernel_init
  • kernel_thread_helper
2019-05-05 19:49:20
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Your best choice is to support your documents and also re - install.

I'm not exactly sure what's creating the trouble, yet the 3 different boot loaders appears most definitely incorrect to me.

I would certainly additionally suggest doing a complete twin boot as opposed to a wubi install due to the fact that:

What is the efficiency?

The efficiency corresponds a typical installment, with the exception of tough - disk accessibility which is a little slower than an installment to a committed dividing. If your hard drive is really fragmented the efficiency will certainly deteriorate.

Any kind of gotcha?

Hibernation is not sustained under Wubi, in addition Wubi filesystem is extra at risk to tough - reboots (switching off the power) and also power blackouts than a regular filesystem, so attempt to stay clear of disconnecting the power. An Ubuntu installment to a committed dividing gives a filesystem that is extra durable and also can much better endure such occasions.

(from the wubi FAQ)

If you store the wubi photo (generally : c:/ubuntu/disks/root.disk) someplace secure after that you can place it from a regular Ubuntu install and also access your documents.

2019-05-12 09:41:53

Maybe you require to defragment your windows ntfs system. If the Ubuntu dividing developed by wubi as a documents in windows' ntfs filesystem is really fragmented (it is a fairly huge documents), after that it would certainly take a great deal of activities by the disk head and also therefore reduce the boot time.

An additional concern to seek are timeouts that obstruct various other points. Networking made use of to be such a trouble. If you do not have a DHCP web server yet you network link anticipates one, there is fairly a long period of time out. Nonetheless, given that this is currently taken care of by startup, it needs to have much less an influence than it made use of to have. You an appearance this up in the visit the /var/logs directory site. dmesg offers you a great deal of the equipment tool messages, messages offers you a great deal of the software program log messages.

2019-05-12 09:28:05

I would certainly believe that the NTFS - filesystem in which the loopback documents lies is unclean or straight-out damaged. Boot in Windows and also fix it.

If that does not aid, you require to go spelunking in/ var/log to see if there is anything in a logfile (as an example messages) that shows that something is weird.

2019-05-10 17:18:59