Can I turn off wifi, GPS, etc. on Android phone overnight?

I would certainly such as for my Android phone to instantly switch off some attributes over night to conserve battery, and also re-enable them in the early morning. Amongst things I would certainly such as to transform do:

  • Switch off wifi
  • Switch off the GPS
  • Usage just 2G information networks

I do not require any kind of expensive still discovery. I would certainly enjoy with the capacity to do this from, claim, 12am to 6am.

What Android applications benefit this type of point?

2019-05-03 23:53:12
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Silence can toggle your ringer, Wi - fi, Bluetooth, and also aircraft setting settings instantly over set up periods.


  • Simple, instinctive Holo - themed user interface
  • Schedule occasions that take place as soon as, or repeat on particular days of the week
  • Change your ringer to quiet, shake, or regular setting
  • Turn Wi - fi, Bluetooth, and also aircraft setting on and also off
  • Change your settings back instantly when the set up occasion finishes

There is additionally a paid version without advertisements.

2022-07-05 23:25:55

Also, if you make use of Juicedefender that has an alternative for evening setting with every little thing you were speaking about and also extra, JuiceDefender is rather outstanding anyhow. Last but not least, if you have actually rooted your phone, Cyanogenmod additionally has an evening setting.

2019-05-30 13:29:36

I make use of Tasker to do specifically that, and also much (much) extra. Whether it can switch over in between 2G and also 3G appears to rely on the mobile phone, which you do not state. Here is an example from the Tasker Wiki, demonstrating how to set the phone right into Airplane setting during the night.

Keep in mind that the GPS just makes use of power if something utilizes it, so transforming it off is very not likely to make any kind of purposeful distinction to your battery life.

2019-05-30 12:41:40

I make use of Llama to do comparable points on a timetable, as an example placed my phone on quiet while I'm at job throughout functioning hrs, switch off Wi - Fi when I leave home, and more.

You can set occasions to take place based upon where you are to name a few problems such as time/date, screen on/off, battery degree, etc Llama finds out areas based upon the cell towers that remain in array as opposed to your Wi - Fi or GPS area, so it does not consume right into your battery in all. Llama does not call for origin. I locate it really simple to make use of and also since I have it set up the means I desire, I do not ever before consider it unless I intend to transform something.

2019-05-30 10:18:55

You can absolutely do it based upon your area :

I have actually checked of their assistance whether you can make use of time as one of the changing standards, I would certainly be stunned if you can not. Also if it isn't readily available out of package, there is a plugin system and also scripting that I make certain would certainly do it.

I do not possess the application so I can not talk about it's efficiency, yet I have actually seen excellent referrals.

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Response from programmer

Can Locale be made to switch over scenarios based upon time alone, such as going quiet during the night no matter area? John


Hello there John,


2019-05-07 19:10:47

Maybe SweetDreams can do the benefit you. According to a ruleset it will certainly switch off bluetooth, wifi and also select the ringtone arrangement of your selection throughout a determinate time array.

2019-05-07 19:07:23

I make use of Timeriffic (free ) which will certainly transform on/off wifi, gps, adjustment ringer, illumination and so on based upon timed timetables.

However "Use just 2G data networks" is not in the alternatives.

2019-05-07 19:03:01

If you do not mind spending for an application, after that this is really comparable to the type of point that Locale for Android does, you can set it to switch over things on or off, or run applications on your phone when particular problems like fine/coarse area, etc are fulfilled. There are additionally plenty of Locale plugins (most of them free ) readily available on the marketplace that offer it lots of added capability.

2019-05-07 18:49:04