Is it feasible to make use of Time Machine on a common USB Hardrive?

I've a iMac with an exterior HD derserved to Time Machine. I additionally have a MacBookPro.

Is it feasible to make this config :

  • Share the disk on the iMac to make sure that the MBP sees it on the network
  • Ask Time Machine on the MBP to utilize this common disk for the back-ups


Keep in mind : Presently, I utilize this HD for Time Machine on both Mac, yet I need to transform the USB link from one Mac to the various other each time I desire a backup to continue. I'll favor simply to need to place the common HD.

2019-05-05 20:06:23
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It needs to be feasible, yet it will certainly not have the ability to utilize your existing MBP backup (you will certainly require to start it from square one). Simply connect the disk right into the iMac, see to it it is being shared, and afterwards select it in Time Machine arrangement on the MacBook Pro and also allow it do the first backup.

The factor you can not make use of the existing backup is that when you make use of a disk for Time Machine it makes use of that disk straight, given that it is affixed to the equipment and also the equipment recognizes nothing else equipment is changing it. When you utilize it over a network it develops a disk photo and also places the moment machine information in the disk photo (fundamentally, it is a pauper's variation of thin provisioning. Moving in between these 2 arrangements is feasible, yet non - unimportant.

2019-05-08 08:03:43