URL courses and also their result on SEO

We are creating an internet site where there will certainly be 2 distinctive sorts of web content: galleries and also images.

It makes little feeling to make use of URL courses like/ gallery/photo as some images can show up in greater than one gallery (and also replication of web content misbehaves); so the existing reasoning is to have a solitary deepness on the website (/ photo1,/ photo2,/ photo3,/ gallery1, etc).

Will this influence upon SEO as the variety of solitary deepness web pages rises?, is it much better for Search Engines as a whole to see an extra RESTful user interface (/ galleries/gallery,/ photos/photo1, etc)?, or exists a far better means to manage this?

P.S.:. The images will certainly have a touchdown web page of their very own with deep textual web content (as will certainly the galleries).

2019-05-05 20:10:17
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No, it should not matter if you have hundreds of web pages at the very same "degree". I've seen websites that have all their web content at the origin degree due to the fact that they are under the impact it makes a large distinction for SEO. (Incidentally the websites do rate well yet I do not assume the absence of company has any kind of bearing on that particular.)

I assume the framework you are recommending is excellent, if I have it appropriately :

  • A set of group web pages at /galleries/rabbits
  • All photo touchdown web pages seeming in one folder like /photos/bunny1

An excellent choice would certainly be to have a major group in addition to the various other categories/tags. You get the included advantage of an added search phrase in the URL, plus it might be less complicated for customers to recognize the website framework.

With the above instance, "bunny1" could be under the "bunnies" and also "cosy" groups yet the major group would certainly be "bunnies". You could after that have this framework :

  • Category web pages of /gallery/rabbits/ and also /gallery/fluffy/, both revealing the "bunny1" photo.
  • Photo web page of /gallery/rabbits/bunny1
2019-05-08 08:15:28

URLs are URLs - it does not actually matter just how they're structured for search engines. The major component I would certainly advise working with is to see to it that your photos (and also the web pages they're on) are as high as feasible on a solitary URL, to make sure that you do not have/ gallery1/image124 and also/ gallery3/image124 with the very same photo on them. Relying on just how you construct your website, that could be hard, so at least I would certainly advise functioning to have actually one picked recommended URL for them and also making use of something like the rel = approved link component to indicate it (http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2009/02/specify-your-canonical.html ).

2019-05-08 08:01:54