Just how do I reset X

My computer system appears to have concerns putting on hold and also returning to effectively. Most lately, it returned to from hibernate, was functioning penalty till I began visiting, and afterwards X iced up entirely. I can visit using SSH (and also it functions faultlessly when I do), and also I would certainly enjoy to reset it without reactivating the entire computer system, and also ideally without collapsing all my open applications.

Is this practical? If I need to crash the open applications, that's ALRIGHT also, I intend, yet not favored.

2019-05-05 20:12:28
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Technically, with these sort of "X freeze" concerns, it's in fact not that X itself paniced, yet instead that the GPU on the video clip card secured for one reason or another, and also hence X can no more upgrade graphics on it.

So as a result of that, resetting X usually isn't mosting likely to address the trouble. Like the previous 2 commenters stated, numerous very easy means exist to reactivate X such as reactivating gdm or kdm, or activating ctrl - alt - backspace and also making use of that key combination. Yet next time "X ices up", proceed and also attempt them, and also I'll wager it has no result.

The trouble actually is much deeper down in the pile, at the kernel degree. Perhaps if you shut X, unloaded and also refilled all the kernel graphics vehicle drivers, after that reactivated X it would certainly show up. Yet in reactivating X you shed all your applications. So apart from an intriguing examination, it's possibly much faster and also more secure to simply do a complete reboot.

You really did not state which video clip vehicle driver you're making use of, yet with as an example the Intel video clip vehicle driver, the GPU is taken care of by code in the Linux kernel itself. Some programmers have actually been trying out including a "GPU reset" attribute in the kernel that will instantly clear the GPU's memory and also re - initialize it when it appears to no more be replying to graphics commands. This reset capability is new and also does not constantly operate in all instances for numerous factors, and also isn't (yet) readily available for the nouveau or ati open resource video clip vehicle drivers. With any luck it'll be coming quickly.

If you're making use of an exclusive vehicle driver like nvidia or fglrx, well all wagers are off. Examine the discussion forums for those vehicle drivers for pointers.

2019-05-08 10:22:11

Btw, you claimed "X iced up entirely" which if real my previous solution uses. Nonetheless, an usual failing setting I've seen is a trouble where when the cover shuts the screen goes empty and also does not return, nonetheless X is not iced up in this instance - all the GUI applications still run and also generate sound and more. You simply do not see anything on the screen.

In this instance, it's a really various trouble - the graphics card has the ability to send graphics to numerous various "results" (E.g. LVDS, DVI, VGA, TELEVISION - out) yet just 2 "pipelines" at once. Occasionally it picks the incorrect result to send information to. So originally graphics is sent out to the laptop computer panel (LVDS), you close the cover, resume it, and also currently graphics are being sent out to the TELEVISION - out result, also if you do not in fact have a physical TELEVISION - out port in the laptop computer itself!

The solution in this instance is usually to compel - off the rebellious result. It made use of to be you can simply place something in your xorg.conf to do this, today with bit setting - establishing it's not so very easy. Regardless, I've recorded both approaches at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Quirks if you need to know the abrasive information of just how to do it.

2019-05-08 10:19:25

I recognize hibernation still has a great deal of concerns with a variety of equipment in Ubuntu. You can reactivate X I think with service gdm restart (or /etc/init.d/gdm restart) you need to have the ability to get X reset. If you make use of Kubuntu or KDE you'll intend to make use of service kdm restart (or /etc/init.d/kdm restart)

2019-05-08 08:46:15

If you require to reactivate X regularly you can do it with the Key combination Control + Alt + Backspace. It made use of to be made it possible for by default on Ubuntu yet they have actually disabled it given that 9.04 variation I presume.

To re - enable it :

  • Select "System" - >" Preferences" - >" Keyboard"
  • Select the "Layouts" tab and also click the "Options" switch.
  • Select "Key series to eliminate the X web server" and also enable Control + Alt + Backspace.

I recommend you maintain aiming to locate the origin of your trouble given that this is simply a paliative, yet need to aid you in the meantime.

2019-05-08 08:04:58

Since the computer system is not secured, Alt+ SysRq+ k need to kill/restart your X web server. Type it on the X VT out a console VT.

2019-05-08 02:24:16