Cellphone discovery (brand name, version, internet browser etc)

What do you make use of to identify site visitor's cellphone, to the version when possible?

Presently we keep our very own data source yet it's actually supporting as a result of absence of workforce to keep it, so we determined to offer 3rd event remedy a shot.

These are my prospects yet I do not have time to actually attempt them all:

  • DeviceAtlas - 1 year individual analysis, yet standard certificate is budget friendly. Their data source appearance strong with day-to-day upgrade and also user-contributed examinations/ updates. I am preferring this set presently.

  • DetectRight - I was advised this by a coworker yet actually can not locate a lot from their website. 20k tools-- actually?

  • WURFL - Open resource, data source collaboratively stemmed from UAProf. So primarily if you're selecting UAProf remedy, you're far better off with WURFL.

  • DetectMoBileBrowsers - This resembles the most basic of all. Regrettable it's language reliant (PHP).

Please share your experience or pointers!

2019-05-05 20:16:24
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Also look into Mobile Device Database File (MDBF) from Microsoft. Despite the fact that it has actually quit being upgraded, it at the very least has several years of tools approximately lately.

2019-12-01 20:18:38

OMG, are you actually maintaining your very own data source approximately date? I'm so sorry concerning you ...

First pointer : If you just require a really straightforward and also marginal remedy to identify brand name and also version, select WURFL if you desire it absolutely free or DeviceAtlas if you can manage it. The 2nd one functions possibly much better (simply my individual point of view).

Additionally, have a look at this comparision DeviceAtlas vs WURFL

Second pointer : As a basic regulation, it is an excellent suggestion to remain tuned with the W3C criteria. Because feeling, the DDR Simple API ( Device Description Repository Simple API ) is the means to go. It defines an abstract API to accessibility Device Description Repositories (DDRs).

You can locate an open - resource reference execution of that API in Java as component of MyMobileWeb task. It permits you to accessibility WURFL, DeviceAtlas (not 100% certain), W3C DDR Core Vocabulary (and also possibly UAProf). In this way you can access tool buildings with a linked API, that is additionally supplied as a REST solution (see DDR REST service documentation).

You can download the most up to date 1.2 variation. I recognize they are operating in a new variation that can possibly be launched by october and also a Rails execution.

What that suggests, in technique, is that you can create your application making use of WURFL and also later button to an additional database, maintaining your code preferably unblemished. It is tougher to install and also make use of for the first time, yet if you are constructing a large venture system, you'll conserve a great deal of time in the future.

I need to claim I've formerly worked with that task, I assume it's worth a search in any kind of instance, regardless of W3C criteria are generally tough to read. Possibly there are various other different implementacions of the DDR Simple API around.

2019-05-08 08:52:26

This is not a straight solution, yet I think a beneficial payment. Certainly applicability hinges on your needs, yet I assume several viewers creating for customers will certainly locate it valuable and also pertinent.

To such a great level, I do not.

Certainly, customer - representative discovery is wonderful to offer a maximized mobile variation for tools with excellent, criteria - based internet browsers, such as Android phones, iPhone/iPod Touch, etc

For sensible objectives, "old school" mobile browsers are dead. Instruments that individuals in fact make use of the mobile internet on today have wonderful, qualified internet browsers : WebKit, Opera, and also Firefox Mobile. EDGE simply introduced a constructed - in WebKit internet browser, and also I feel they're the last significant gamer to make the movement.

I've thought your objective is merely redirection to a mobile internet site. If it's even more facility, as an example, logging specific version numbers or tracking great - grain data, these blog posts from Stack Overflow need to confirm handy :

2019-05-08 08:06:06