Just how can I settle the impaired Bluetooth on resume/power concern on Lenovo laptop computers?

After you install Ubuntu on a Lenovo laptop the Bluetooth will certainly be impaired after reboot or resume.

The only workaround for this concern is to load manufacturing facility default from the BIOS yet this is not something you intend to do each time you reboot Ubuntu on a dual-boot equipment.

The trouble was reported numerous times with time on Lenovo assistance discussion forum yet no one from them troubled to have a look on this. Instances:

2019-05-05 20:38:07
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I have a Lenovo T410 with Ubuntu 10.10. I simply examined it and also my bluetooth begins efficiently on a reboot and also on returning to from standby. For reference, below is what my bluetooth adapter is called the lsusb result : 0a5c :217f Broadcom Corp. Bluetooth Controller

2019-05-17 19:39:18