What's the most effective approach for overcoming areas in Pocket Empires?

I enjoy playing Pocket Empires on my Android phone and also I'm attempting to overcome some nearby areas.

I generally send my rate bumps (1 Paladin, 1 Hussar, 1 Militia) and afterwards all my varied devices. Yet I'm questioning what would certainly be the most effective approach for overcoming areas.

  • Should I add various other devices like Trolls or Demons to saturate even more rounds of damages?
  • The amount of siege tools do I require and also are the Battering rams of any kind of usage?
  • The amount of Lizards or Black Widows should I send to do the mass damages without loosing way too many?

Any kind of pointers for a strong approach rate!

2019-05-05 20:39:07
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Given that I have no vacant areas in my area to examine it on, I do not have the alternative to examine it, yet offered my existing experience with raiding/conquering Innumerable 10 Black Widows/Lizards, your best choice will certainly be to compute what you can take care of.

This suggests you will certainly need to snoop the area to see what you are up versus and afterwards examine whether your military would certainly can taking it down. This isn't as tough as it could appear and also it is really simple to get so subdued, that these numbers could not matter any longer.

Yet to begin with this, we need to do some computing (attribution goes to the Pocket Empires forum):

What you will certainly require:

So, allow's proceed our instance of the Black Widows and also Bowmen.

Our objective is to figure out: the amount of of our devices can eliminate the amount of beasts?

To put it simply, if I am sending out X quantity of bowmen, the amount of black widows can I eliminate without needing to bother with the bowmen obtaining injured?

To make an able to be used straightforward calculator, you require to figure out 2 points. Both points you require to figure out after that:

  • How much strike each specific device does (Attack each) ;
  • The HP of the beast.

This will certainly get you the amount of of your devices can eliminate the amount of beasts.

Okay. So open your first record. Lets claim we have 500 bowmen. You will certainly see that below the creating "Round X", it will certainly claim something like Bowmen, action : 15, strike : 5000.

Strike each

So first we figure out just how much strike each specific device does. To simplify actual simple : we have 500 devices, they did 5000 strike.

So complete strike is : 5000 strike You have : 500 devices Each device does : 5000/ 500 = 10 strike each device.


Since we understand just how much strike each device has, allows figure out the amount of devices it will certainly require to eliminate a solitary beast.

Currently, from the discussion forum, we understand that black widow has 60 HP. So if each bowman does 10 strike, after that it will certainly take:

10 strike per bowman

60 HP per black widow

= 0.1667 (this suggests that each bowman eliminates 0.1667 black widows)

Now you have a straightforward formula which computes the amount of black widows your bowmen can eliminate! So if you have 12345bowmen, you can eliminate:

12345 devices * 0.1667 (this is the 1vs1 value) = 2057.9 black widows!

BUT this is just 2057.9 per round!

We need to compute the amount of rounds you have prior to your major devices (in this instance bowmen) get struck!

Consider rounds

I assume you recognize the concept of positional war (also known as rate bumps, kiting, etc).

Your fight record will certainly come in handy below. You can see the amount of rounds you have prior to the beasts start striking your major device. It's generally around 3 - 6 relying on the rate of the beast, the series of your device, and also which mix of devices you send to work as rate bumps.

Yet a weird point begins taking place when the beasts get also near your devices! Your devices start obtaining their strike lowered by fifty percent! (this takes place when the beast is 30m or much less to your varied devices).

So primarily increase nonetheless several rounds of strike you're entering prior to your major device obtains struck : allows claim for us (to maintain points straightforward), in our pretend record, we reason that we have 4 rounds BEFORE your bowmen obtains hit (that is, your bowmen get appealed the 5th round).

That suggests your military of 12345bowmen can eliminate : 2057.9 * 4 = 8231 black widows in a battle (raid or overcome).

The elegance of making use of the straightforward method over, is that you do not need to do way too many estimations and also think about all the consider the video game which affects these points (these are listed here). All you require is simply a couple of numbers. This is a wonderful, tidy means to do points. yet please note that if you update something like your strike, you will certainly require to re - compute the "1vs1" strike.

This is due to the fact that the estimation works with the basis that every little thing is still the very same. Which suggests that the variables (see listed here) have actually not transformed.

All the variables that are currently included right into the compute over:

  • Attack value of your device (Please keep in mind that the value that is revealed when you watching them in command centre includes any kind of study upgrades) ;
  • Attack type (eg piercing) vs shield type [incentives or fines ] ;
  • Your strike experience+any kind of strike remedies (this can be located in your Lord account web page) ;
  • The armour value of the beast ;
  • If your device obtains a npls/ - 75% for that sort of beast ;
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