Usual Desktop Login using Network (like ADVERTISEMENT for Windows)

Among the factors we make use of Windows in the workplace at the workplace is Active Directory. It makes it a breeze to raise a new workstation and also have a new or existing customer login and also do their job. As soon as all the Applications are mounted, a customer can login on any kind of workstation and also have all their records and also setups readily available to them.

Exists any kind of means of doing this on Ubuntu?

Certain, there are syncing programs like Ubuntu One that sync the documents (and also with any luck at some point setups), yet regarding I realize it still calls for each workstation the customer desires to log onto to currently have their customer account set. Additionally, at any time a customer adjustments their password it requires to be transformed on each equipment the customer logs right into.

It would certainly additionally serve if this related to web servers too, so a customer can SSH right into a server and also have the very same documents as on their desktop computer in their residence directory site.

Does this type of capacity existing in Ubuntu presently?

2019-05-05 20:41:06
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You can make use of OpenLDAP for authentication and also nfs in mix with automount for placing their residence directory site to the desktop computer.

An additional opportunity is to make use of the LTSP server task to run all the application from a web server and also run just slim customers. Which remedy is the most effective, relies on your certain needs.

2019-05-08 08:44:45

Ubuntu additionally has the Likewise client, which is not simply like Active Directory yet is an Active Directory customer, so you can utilize your Windows domain name logins on Ubuntu.

2019-05-08 08:33:51

OpenLDAP or Fedora Directory Services will certainly give you with what your seeking. FDS offers you a wonderful user interface by default iirc. Nonetheless, this will certainly function well for Linux, *BSD and also OSX systems. Regarding I recognize, windows systems will certainly not by default (ie without including software program) Authenticate versus OpenLDAP so if you have a a combined setting you would basically require to run 2 web servers. I think it's feasible to sync openldap/fds with ADVERTISEMENT nonetheless I've never ever attempted it.

The Likewise customer will certainly auth versus ADVERTISEMENT straight nonetheless given that ADVERTISEMENT is just actually worried about windows you will possibly give up several of the capability that you would certainly or else get with openldap/fds. YMMV.

2019-05-08 08:15:37