Exists a PC controller that acts specifically like an Xbox 360/PC Windows Controller?

I have an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows and also I recognize that it's great and also among one of the most or perhaps the just, occasionally, PC controller sustained by current video games.

A close friend of my own would love to recognize if there is a different item, perhaps less costly, that acts specifically like the Microsoft one, to make sure that also the video games can not recognize the distinction.

2019-05-05 20:44:40
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I would certainly advise grabbing the MadCatz Xbox360 wired controller. All the xbox wired controllers are Windows suitable, and also the MadCatz controller goes to the very least an excellent 15 dollars less costly than the Microsoft variation. I make use of a Madcatz for pc video gaming regularly, and also it functions rather well.

Rates : http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=madcatz+wired+xbox+360+controller&hl=en&cid=3875636771555494077&ei=K3lATI3lLqiEjQSM8P3TCA&sa=title&ved=0CAcQ8wIwADgA#p

Lowest detailed is just 17 dollars new.

2019-05-10 23:43:02

I take it that your close friend realizes that there is additionally a wired variation of the PC 360 controller, which is more affordable than the cordless variation?


EDIT : For those in the U.S. that desire a link : http://www.amazon.com/Xbox-360-Controller/dp/B000B6MLTQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1279527631&sr=8-2

2019-05-10 15:28:00


This is an emulator that permits any kind of controller to function as and also look like a 360 controller. I've had success with it, yet see to it it benefits you prior to you head out and also acquire 4 usb controllers.

2019-05-10 08:50:32

I recognize that Microsoft made use of to make a cordless usb dongle for xbox 360 cordless controllers. I searched for one lately bud had no good luck.

Yet the wired controllers have actually constantly been plug and also play, for me.

2019-05-10 08:19:46

So, do you especially not desire a Microsoft controller?

Various other firms make an xbox 360 suitable controller. They make use of the very same vehicle drivers, so it functions well for the PC

But if you do desire Microsoft-brand controls that benefit the PC, there are wired

and also cordless

remedies for the PC.

Any one of those need to act identically to the XBox controller.

If you can procure your hands on a

Any cordless Xbox 360 suitable controllers (also those made by 3rd parties) need to function great and also act identically to the initial controller.

2019-05-08 03:47:53