Running a Xen Dapper dom0 with a Hardy domU

Is it feasible to set up a Hardy domU on an existing Xen dom0 running Dapper? I have actually located several posts speaking about the reverse (Dapper domU on a Hardy dom0), yet I have the existing server set up with a Dapper dom0 and also a couple of Dapper domUs. I require to set up a new domU, so I intend to make use of an extra modern-day LTS release. I am reluctant to update the dom0, on the "if it ain't damaged, do not repair it" concept.

Has any person attempted this? Can I simply make use of a 2.6.24 Xen kernel? Do I require to recompile the domU kernel to match anything in my dom0?

Or is it essential to update the dom0?

Many thanks!

2019-05-05 20:52:35
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You can constantly make use of HVM, if that's an alternative on your equipment. Or else, I 'd possibly install a more recent xen - devices (that sustains durable installs) and also simply create away. There is the opportunity that Hardy does not sustain the Xen bit that ships with dapper (foolish udev), yet it's worth experimenting with. If that does not function, you could have the ability to make use of the domU bit from Hardy in simply the durable domU, yet hypervisor API adjustments could make that a shedding suggestion. Once more, worth an experiment.

2019-05-11 16:07:26