Installing Quicktime Player acts in different ways on XP/OSX/Windows7

We've obtained a web page that installs a .MOV documents right into a page. In the last 6 months it quit working on some Macs. After that it quit working on all macs. After that it quit working on Windows XP. Yet it functions penalty in Windows 7. Below's what is installed in the HTML:

<embed src="/Magic94Scripts/mgrqispi94.dll?APPNAME=FileManager&PRGNAME=prjfilmview&ResID=2784&size=9" style="float: left;" height="600" width="1030">

This has actually functioned flawlessly for several years. The QuickTime gamer draws the documents out of the requester, evaluates the MIME type from the feedback headers and also plays the documents suitably. A Wireshark dump from a Windows 7 resembles this:

Quicktime Windows 7 dump

  1. The intial ask for the web page that has the <embed> tag in it
  2. The QuickTime plugin asking for the MOV documents via the back-end requester

Executing the specific very same activities on OSX or Windows XP possesses:

Quicktime XP-OSX dump

The variations of quicktime and also safari on all the various equipments is the most up to date (5.0) and also I think this is something that was barged in an upgrade, and also as our customers relocated to the more recent variation of the internet browser they were damaging individually.

Any kind of suggestions what might create this? Is this a bug in Safari? Exist far better means of installing the MOV documents?

2019-05-05 21:01:02
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I have actually addressed the scenario by doing URL ReWriting with the adhering to regulation :

RewriteRule (/res/)(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/(.*) /Magic94Scripts/mgrqispi94.dll?APPNAME=$2&PRGNAME=ViewResource&ResID=$3&size=$4 [I,O,U]

And making use of URLs such as :


Crazy, yet it currently functions. I can just think quicktime currently just evaluates the URL for the filetype, as opposed to ordering the web content - header.

2019-05-08 08:29:20

You could attempt defining the type feature check out for even more information.

2019-05-08 08:21:01