Not located

I attempted to make && make install package, yet I get a mistake: not located

Where can I get this collection?

2019-05-05 21:16:21
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I wager a better feedback would certainly be to install libX11 - devel ...

2019-05-08 18:45:22

You require to install the libX11 plan :

$ rpm -qf /usr/lib/

Simply go

$ yum -y install libX11  

Another point though : if you do not recognize just how to locate and also install a collection plan, like share why you are attempting to compile an item of software program that is formally packaged for Fedora 13 in one of the most current variation?

$ yum info gpicview
Available Packages
Name        : gpicview
Arch        : x86_64
Version     : 0.2.1
Release     : 3.fc13
Size        : 93 k
Repo        : fedora
Summary     : Simple and fast Image Viewer for X
URL         :
License     : GPLv2+
Description : Gpicview is an simple and image viewer with a simple and intuitive interface.
            : It's extremely lightweight and fast with low memory usage. This makes it
            : very suitable as default image viewer of desktop system. Although it is
            : developed as the primary image viewer of LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop
            : Environment, it only requires GTK+ and can be used in any desktop environment.
2019-05-08 11:17:35