iPhone image download operations for ONLY new images onto Mac

Cross uploading this from SuperUser AND Photo.StackExchange given that I have a bounty on it and also have no replies yet, with any luck will get even more focus below;)

I'm locating my iPhone image download operations to be a little bit difficult.

Below are my needs:

  • Download and install images+ video off my iPhone Camera Roll, yet maintain images on iPhone
  • Just display/download new images+ video on iPhone given that last download
  • Stay clear of iPhoto, preferably, due to the fact that it makes me a little bit worried
  • Have all my iPhone-taken images+ video readily available to watch on my iPhone
  • Keep all EXIF/GPS metadata in all prices

Presently, I make use of normal folder framework + Picasa for every one of my electronic images, nonetheless for my iPhone, I make use of iPhoto due to the fact that it will certainly "just present new things" when I most likely to import images off my iPhone

I'm locating that will certainly 5000+ images+ video clips on my iPhone, iPhoto usually takes a while (2-10 mins) to 'locate' my iPhone after I connect it in.

Preferably, I would certainly such as to simply make use of OSX's constructed in ImageCapture.app to download and install iPhone images, yet it loads/displays ALL the images, not simply the new ones given that last sync (as iPhoto does ... I after that need to recognize which was the last downloaded and install iPhone image and also download and install just the more recent ones.

Picasa Import additionally loads/displays ALL images on the iPhone (which is really difficult with numerous photos to load off the tool ...)

I presume I would certainly such as to recognize if any person has a comparable workflow/requirements and also just how they do it.

My existing strategy is to set up an operations that gets rid of images from the Camera Roll as I download them, yet after that have iTunes sync them back on as cds based upon folders - I might also instantly resize them so I have smaller sized variations on the iPhone and also the initial complete dimension variations on my Mac (so preserve previous iPhone storage room) [UPGRADE: iTunes instantly does this, which is regrettable due to the fact that it suggests I no more have FULL SIZE backups on my phone, just on my computer system ...]

2019-05-05 21:23:08
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why do not you make use of Automator to do the operations you make believe?

Automator is really powerfull and also you can locate far more Actions on Apple website that you can finish your operations.

The Automator Comunnity is additionally impressive and also uploading your inquiries there you will certainly get a solution promptly!

2019-05-08 08:34:57

What you're asking is a heck of automation and also it can not be done "simply" like that.

I recommend you attempt to make a mix of Automator and also Smart Albums on iPhoto. Points you need to know concerning iTunes : EXIF is not maintained when Synced to iPhone via iTunes which becomes part of your needs.

You can make use of a Smart Album in iPhoto and also Flag the images you intend to move after that create an additional Smart Album with those flagged images and also just move those (or the other way around). Usage Keywords to your benefit. Take into consideration a wonderful application like Keyword Manager for iPhoto to aid you with that said.

I have no suggestion why iPhoto makes you worried, yet you need to be aiming at iTunes for that ...

iPhoto is flawlessly ideal for image upkeep and also sorting. You can later on make use of automator to resize them and also do expensive points (also marking!). The very same can be claimed concerning Aperture.

Your operations needs to be, download and install to iPhoto instantly. Identify, Tag, Delete Bad ones, Adjust, Edit, and also transfer to your tools for later watching (and also back-up). If you simply intend to have a back-up up of what you do, allow Time Machine do it's collaborate with your iPhoto Library or add an additional action, usage Image Import (or Cameras) to arrange, after that include in iPhoto for therapy and also later transfer to your tool (s). The initial imported folder will certainly be unblemished and also, at some point supported by Time Machine also.

2019-05-08 08:30:15