Bulletin board system software program with ballot capacity for each and every blog post

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I run my system on a linux equipment. Allow's claim I make use of apache or cherokee webserver, for simpleness. I intend to run a bulletin board system software program for conversation objectives. Nonetheless I do not desire typical systems like vBulletin or vanilla, as systems based upon these often tend in the direction of way too much squabble and also clique-formation.

I was motivated by the system in meta.stackoverflow in which each blog post can be elected up or down. This would promptly be a medication for all the jerks, given that their blog posts will certainly get downvoted promptly. In addition straightforward objections will certainly get upvoted. So I feel this will certainly be a wonderful renovation. Nonetheless the meta.stackoverflow system is not ideal for a conversation setting. I would certainly desire a typical notice board system itself; yet with the included capacity that elects can be offered up/down for each and every blog post, and also for each and every blog post the variety of ballots is presented.

As an example allow me state that in some wordpress blog sites, remarks can be elected up/down. That capacity is specifically what I desire; it is simply that I require it in a bulletin board system software program as opposed to in a wordpress blog.


Does there exist a bulletin board system software program with ballot capacity for each and every blog post?

Below I have to emphasize that I do not respect the complete reputation of a customer. That is something I do not intend to urge.

I have actually asked this inquiry both below and also at serverfault, given that it was unclear where need to this be asked. Do not hesitate to close it at the ideal website and also I require solutions just from one area.

2019-05-05 21:38:38
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You can attempt Vanilla Forums with the Voting plugin. A trial can be seen here. Vanilla is a gotten taste.: -)

2019-05-18 06:20:36

There are plugins for preferred discussion forum software program that add electing capacities. I recognize that this exists for vBulletin and also I make certain there are variations for phpBB and also SMF.

Though you ought to consider what you require this for - I suggest, does the ballot in fact do anything? On the Stack Exchange system, as an example, the highest possible - elected solutions bubble to the top. You can not do that in a normal discussion forum setup due to the fact that the blog posts are straight.

2019-05-18 04:21:21

Anweshi, offer MyBB (http://www.mybb.com/features/reputation) a shot. It appears to be a rather close estimate of what you're seeking and also has a really wonderful UI too.

2019-05-08 10:06:27