Just how to effectively make use of the Umgah Drone?

The Umgah Drone is possibly my worst ship in Star Control melee. I recognize that as a whole I'm intended to whiz back near the adversary ship while frequently shooting - trying to harm it while passing - yet the mix of slow-moving transforming rate and also exceptionally rapid whizing rate constantly makes me miss out on.

As well as I usually attempt to be with my face to the adversary ship - in order to obstruct shots with my cone - and also this suggests I'm not in the proper placement to whiz previous them.

I've attempted relying upon the activity in reverse to evade shots, as opposed to relying upon the cone to destroy them; yet that actually places me in an easy placement where all I do is safeguard and also not strike.

Does any person have valuable pointers for successfully making use of the drone?

2019-05-05 22:07:32
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It actually relies on the sort of adversary you are dealing with. It is a pure counter to the Chenjesu Broodhome, as the power reenergizes sproadically so the DOG can not reach them conveniently. The Umgah Drone tool does ridiculous damages and also can generally block/destroy any kind of inbound projectile tools (outstanding versus the Chenjesu Broodhome crystal strikes). I locate usually that if I have the ability to transform and also encounter the adversary, I would certainly simply bill blinding onward, get close sufficient to blast them. This functions ideal if the adversary relocates gradually or have a large earth behind them.

An additional strategy I make use of is making use of the sides of the cone strike to nick the adversary. The size of the corn is a lot better dimension than your ship. As long as I'm close adequate to whiz towards them, I transform my ship as if as I whiz past them, the edges of my cone strike nicks the adversary, which is generally enough to do wonderful quantity of damages.

2019-05-11 19:49:41