What are the distinctions in between POP3 and also IMAP?

Several email carriers ask me if I'm interested in making use of POP3, or IMAP. Just what are these and also when should I take into consideration utilizing them?

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Here is an excellent contrast of both

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IMAP is superb if you are making use of the very same email account on numerous tools, such as a desktop computer COMPUTER, cellphone, laptop computer and also internet user interface. Whenever you read an email on one tool, that is synced to the IMAP web server and afterwards synced to all the various other tools and also significant as kept reading every tool.

POP3, on the various other hand, downloads the e-mails to a customer after that (commonly) removes it from the web server. So this suggests if you get an email whilst you are out and also around on your cellphone and also read it, you will certainly not get it on your desktop computer COMPUTER.

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Both are Internet typical methods (RFC 1064 IMAP4 - RFC 1939 POP3) for fetching email from a mail web server. The majority of email customers implement these methods.

IMAP (" Internet Message Access Protocol") permits you to arrange your e-mails in folders * on the web server which can by integrated with your email customer. IMAP additionally integrates the "read" flag and also various other buildings of an email (if it was a reply, an onward etc)

POP3 (" Post Office Protocol") e-mails are downloaded and install from a solitary inbox and also are generally removed after the download relying on your customer setups.

You can not make use of IMAP or POP3 for sending out email, that's what SMTP is for.

* Folders are called "mail boxes" in the IMAP requirements.

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POP3 and also IMAP are 2 various methods made use of for watching mail. The large distinction is that POP3 downloads the messages to your customer. IMAP leaves the email on the web server while there is a standard cache saved in a desktop computer customer. IMAP has the online reputation of being made use of with webmail carriers. IMAP has far better assistance for numerous customers given that the messages are saved on the web server. Even more details can be located in those 2 web links.

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They're approaches for fetching email from a web server. There are some wonderful contrasts, specifically this one from UOregon. As others have actually claimed, the large distinction is web server - side versus customer - side storage.

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If you make use of e - mail from a carrier, it would certainly be best to settle it intoa Gmail account, to see to it you maintain control over your very own e - mail address. Numerous individuals that switch over carriers really feel the discomfort of shedding their e - mail address, and also there's entirely no demand for that.

Simply enroll in Gmail (or any kind of various other non - carrier e - mail account that permits you to bring with POP3), and also adhere to the guidelines onsite on just how to enable Gmail to bring POP3 from your carrier.

After that, accessibility Gmail (with your carrier mail inside) making use of internet, POP3 or IMAP as you please.

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Here's a fast tutorial I created a couple of years earlier on just how email functions, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Webmail, ...

What is a Standard?

A criterion is a set of regulations that are adhered to by all programmers all over the world. Some criteria include HTTP, SMTP, POP3, ... There is main documents that defines each specific criterion and also most criteria have actually been around for 0 to 30 years.
Each typical record is a really thorough description of what the criterion is and also just how it functions. Commonly a criterion has an RFC number related to it, yet there are several sorts of criteria.


SMTP and also POP3 are 'criteria'. Each typical defines a various method. A method is any kind of sort of interaction in between 2 or even more computer systems.

What is SMTP?

SMTP is the 'criteria' method that is made use of to send email. Your computer system makes use of SMTP to send email. See RFC 821, August 1982

What is POP3?

POP3 is the 'criteria' method that is made use of to receive email. Your computer system makes use of POP3 to receive email. POP3 is additionally described as merely POP. See RFC 1939, May 1996.

POP3 commonly will connect to the mail web server and also download messages to your computer system. It can after that additionally delete the message from the web server (which it is generally arrangement to do ).

Just how Email jobs

  1. User An intends to send an email to customer B.
    • User A writes an email and also presses send.
    • Customer A's computer system, makes use of SMTP interaction to send the email to User A's (Yes A, not B ) SMTP web server.
    • Customer A's SMTP web server, sends out the email to customer B's SMTP web server making use of SMTP interaction.
    • Customer B when he seems like it, contacts his SMTP web server and also makes use of POP3 to download and install the messages.

Some vital notes :

The only means to send email is to make use of SMTP. (In fact you can additionally make use of MAPI and also a few other points yet allow's not get involved in that )

The only means to receive email is to make use of POP3. (In fact there is additionally IMAPv4, yet we'll make believe that POP3 is the only means )

How Email Applications function :

SMTP interaction exists on your computer system, whatever email customer you make use of. At any time an email is sent, your computer system makes use of SMTP to send the email. No matter if you're making use of Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, or a personalized made program. All programs make use of SMTP to send e-mails.

By utilizing criteria you are assured that, also recognize customer A makes use of Outlook, and also customer B makes use of Eudora, and also they both have various SMTP web servers both of the customers will certainly have the ability to connect.

What is HTTP?

Prior to I can reach what internet mail is, you first require to recognize what HTTP is. HTTP is simply an additional typical method. Yet HTTP is suggested to download and install documents and also website, unlike SMTP which is suggested to send e-mails. See HTTP 1.1 RFC 2616, June 1999.

What is internet mail?

Internet mail is an on-line website that permits you to send and also receive e-mails making use of HTTP.

Yet wait a min, really did not I simply claim that the ONLY means to send email was making use of SMTP?

Yes! What the website does, is give you with a kind that you fill in. Your computer system does not recognize that it is any kind of various from a kind that you fill in to enter your bank card details, or a kind that you fill in to enter your residence address, or a kind that you fill in to authorize right into an additional internet site. All your computer system recognizes is that you are filling in a kind.

When you push the send switch, your internet internet browser sends out the kind to the web server. The web server recognizes that this kind is for email though. So the web server analyzes the kind and also removes the required details. The HTTP web server after that makes use of SMTP to send the message. Due to the fact that the only manner in which a message is going to get from User A to User B is making use of SMTP.

What the internet internet browser has actually done is misleaded you right into assuming that you are sending out an email. Yet what's actually taking place, is that your internet internet browser is filling in a kind, and afterwards the internet server is making use of SMTP to send your email.

Can you offer me an internet mail go through?

  1. Customer An intends to send an email to User B, User A is mosting likely to make use of internet mail.
    • Customer An utilizes his internet browser to key in a net address (as an example : www.hotmail.com ).
    • Customer A's computer system makes use of HTTP to speak to the web server and also request for the website that is made use of for internet mail in this instance.
    • The web server reacts (making use of HTTP ) to User A's computer system with a website that offers him alternatives to compose mail, check mail, ...
    • User A clicks the compose a message link. Once more User A's computer system makes use of HTTP to speak to the web server.
    • The web server reacts (making use of HTTP ) to User A's computer system with the website (which has a kind ) that permits User A to compose a message.
    • Customer A completes the website and also presses send. The web page is returned to the web server making use of HTTP.
    • Behind-the-scenes, unidentified to User A, the internet server makes use of SMTP to send the email to User B. Why? Due to the fact that the only means to send an email is to make use of SMTP
    • The web server reacts (making use of HTTP ) to User A's computer system with a website that claims the email was sent out.

Just how does the internet server usage SMTP?

Given that SMTP is a typical method it makes use of SMTP similarly any kind of program would certainly make use of SMTP. See the area 'How email functions'.

What is IMAPv4?

I stated IMAPv4 previously. IMAPv4 is a 2nd method made use of by email customers to fetch your e-mails. IMAPv4 is additionally described as even more merely IMAP. IMAPv4 is extra intricate than POP3, yet offers you the capacity to work with your email from numerous computer systems. If you make use of greater than one computer system, and also you would certainly such as to access your email from both computer systems, IMAP is the means to go.

IMAP shops every one of its information on the mail web server. Because means each mail customer from each various computer system can be in sync. When you read an email from one computer system, your job computer system will certainly additionally see that the message reads. Given that information is saved on the web server, IMAP email accounts are commonly extra pricey.


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