What Are Some Good .NET Profilers?

What profilers have you made use of when functioning with.net programs, and also which would certainly you specifically advise?

2019-05-09 16:13:43
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Unfortunate most of the profilers I tried failed when used with tail calls, most notably ANTS. I just end up writing my own. There is a simple implementation on CodeProject that you can use as a base.

2022-07-04 19:21:15
2022-07-04 19:19:41

I have used JetBrains dotTrace and Redgate ANTS extensively. They are fairly similar in features and price. They both offer useful performance profiling and quite basic memory profiling.

dotTrace integrates with Resharper, which is really convenient, as you can profile the performance of a unit test with one click from the IDE. However, dotTrace often seems to give spurious results (e.g. saying that a method took several years to run)

I prefer the way that ANTS presents the profiling results. It shows you the source code and to the left of each line tells you how long it took to run. dotTrace just has a tree view.

EQATEC profiler is quite basic and requires you to compile special instrumented versions of your assemblies which can then be run in the EQATEC profiler. It is, however, free.

Overall I prefer ANTS for performance profiling, although if you use Resharper then the integration of dotTrace is a killer feature and means it beats ANTS in usability.

The free Microsoft CLR Profiler (.Net framework 2.0 / .Net Framework 4.0) is all you need for .NET memory profiling.

2011 Update:

The Scitech memory profiler has quite a basic UI but lots of useful information, including some information on unmanaged memory which dotTrace and ANTS lack - you might find it useful if you are doing COM interop, but I have yet to find any profiler that makes COM memory issues easy to diagnose - you usually have to break out windbg.exe.

The ANTS profiler has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years, and its memory profiler has some truly useful features which now pushed it ahead of dotTrace as a package in my estimation. I'm lucky enough to have licenses for both, but if you are going to buy one .Net profiler for both performance and memory, make it ANTS.

2022-07-04 19:17:56

In the past, I' ve made use of the profiler that ships with Visual Studio Team System.

2022-06-07 00:16:39

AutomatedQA AQTime for timing and also SciTech MemProfiler for memory.

2022-06-06 21:28:49

I lately uncovered EQATEC Profiler http://www.eqatec.com/tools/profiler. It collaborates with most.NET variations and also on a number of systems. It is very easy to make use of and also components of it is free, also for business usage.

2022-06-06 21:28:04

I've collaborated with RedGate's profiler in the past. Got the job done for me.

2019-05-10 18:10:45

ANTS Profiler I have not made use of several, yet I do not actually have any kind of issues concerning ANTS. The visualization is actually handy.

2019-05-10 18:09:44

Don't neglect nProf - a prefectly excellent, freeware profiler.

2019-05-10 17:53:45

I've been collaborating with JetBrains dotTrace for WinForms and also Console Apps (not examined on ASP.net yet), and also it functions fairly well :

They lately additionally included a "Personal License" that is dramatically less costly than the company one. Still, if any person else recognizes some less costly or perhaps free ones, I would certainly such as to listen to too : -)

2019-05-10 17:48:03