Just how can I disable or reassign the 'Windows' key?

In between Ctrl and also Alt, modern-day key-boards have an awful key: the 'Windows' key :P

By default, when this key is pushed alone it opens up the Start food selection. Several applications and also a multitude of video games operate in fullscreen setting, and also if you push this key mistakenly, a lot of times due to the fact that you intended to push the Ctrl or Alt keys, the application generally ices up for some time and also decreases itself. If you are fortunate, your videogame will certainly stop, yet occasionally it proceeds also when it is decreased.

Is it feasible to disable the 'Windows' key?

It would certainly be feasible to show the Start food selection with an additional mix of keys? I would love to maintain mixes that make use of the Windows key working, like Windows+ L, which leaves existing session.

2019-05-05 22:56:36
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Take a screwdriver, tear it off! If that's a little bit severe, you can modify the computer system registry to disable it.

Currently, given that you intend to keep some capability (Win+L), yet not others (Win) attempt making use of AutoHotKey to obstruct the features you do not desire and also not do anything.

Its a little bit engaged, yet I assume it will certainly function the most effective.

On a weird note, evidently its the video game programmer's fault!

2019-05-11 22:06:21

See my solution for Reassigning the caps lock key on Windows or OS X :

You can make use of SharpKeys to disable the capability of any kind of key. For a thorough overview, you can look into Map Any Key to Any Key on Windows XP / Vista.

2019-05-08 09:11:19

You can add a particular value to the Registry to disable it. Here is a good tutorial, and some .reg files you can download.

However, this will certainly disable the key totally, as in no WinKey faster ways. Nonetheless, what I do is that I disable just the left Windows key, and also make use of the appropriate one to enter faster ways. It's a sacrifice, yet it suggests that I do not decrease anything fullscreen by crash.

2019-05-07 17:37:03