iPad 3G, is it just 3G

Can the iPad 3G just make use of 3G and also Wifi, or can it make use of Edge or 2G (the little blue dot on apple iphone)?

2019-05-05 23:08:27
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The iPad makes use of the very same mobile chip set as the apple iphone and also web cam (relying on your information carrier) make use of Edge (represented by an E) or GPRS (viewed as a circle).

O2 in the UK most definitely does.

2019-05-08 09:53:47

" 3G + WiFi " is simply a business punch line.

the 3G component represents net accessibility throughout a mobile link, generally making use of a SIM Card.

The complete series of links on a "3G" version can be located in the Technical Specifications of the item, in this instance :

2019-05-08 08:57:27