What's creating the Sirius XM application to stutter despite having an excellent 3G signal or WiFi link?

Usually, the Sirius XM application has problem streaming web content when the screen switches off - it will certainly replay the very same buffered audio in a loop (generally 20 or 30 secs worth) till I transform the screen on and also unlock the screen.

This takes place also when making use of WiFi - when going 8 feet to my COMPUTER (where the cordless router is) and also logging right into the XM Radio Online website, there are no worry streaming web content.

Exists a means to offer network top priority to an application when the screen is off? Is this an usual trouble with various other applications?

I have an HTC Droid Incredible (with the 2.2 upgrade).

2019-05-04 00:01:13
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More of a shot - in - the - dark based upon my very own individual experience as opposed to a resolution, yet do you have anything like SetCPU mounted that could be strangling back your clock rate when the phone goes to rest?

2019-05-11 17:00:57