MacBook Pro Memory

This connects to my previous inquiry concerning my MacBook Pro. Why is my MacBook Pro quitting and/or failing to start up?

I require to change among my 2G DIMMs and also in searching at Crucial and also OWC I see that they additionally lug matched collections.

So, exists any kind of factor that I should invest the added $ and also change both DIMMs in contrast to simply the negative one?

2019-05-05 23:25:17
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From my experience with COMPUTER's (not mac's), it's not definitely essential that you match your RAM. Nonetheless, it's additionally a little a shot in the dark due to the fact that various RAM components have various timings and also voltage needs, so :

  • if you make use of components with various timings, you'll need to run both components at the most affordable rate or threat instability in the component with the lower rate timings.

  • if the components have various power needs, you run right into the very same concern as above. If you go for the lower of the voltages, the greater voltage component might be unpredictable. If you go for the greater voltage, the lower voltage component might be unpredictable or perhaps fall short.

With any luck somebody else can talk about just how this uses in an Apple computer system given that there is no other way that I recognize of to change voltage and also RAM timings. Keep in mind nonetheless, that also in a COMPUTER, 2 entirely various RAM components generally function without case if you match voltages and also make use of the lower of both components timings. Also various voltages will generally function.

I would certainly seek a component that lugs the very same requirements as your initial RAM, at the very least regarding timing (latency) and also voltage are worried. If you can locate one after that I would not be really worried concerning utilizing it with your existing RAM stick. The opportunities of it being inappropriate or creating instability would certainly be really reduced in my point of view.

2019-05-08 09:13:19