Is ship turn price still restricted by the "viewport"? What ships transform much faster if you "zoom out" in 3rd individual sight?

I recognize individuals despise flying in 3rd individual sight in Allegiance: the ship is dead facility on the screen and also you can not see what you are striking. This inquiry is, nonetheless, concerning those minutes when you aren't striking anything (be it reloading or simply circumnavigating) and also touching F11 could allow you exceed your adversary.

(Primarily, the more you focus, the slower revolving your ship is. Nonetheless, evidently, some ships can reverse so quickly they were restricted in the turn price also when totally zoomed out.)

Nonetheless, I assume I remember this was just one of the pests dealt with in R5 or R6, yet I can not locate it on the trac. Any kind of suggestions?

2019-05-05 23:26:37
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Work has actually been carried out in this location for R6.

Try it out on Beta Wednesday!

2019-05-11 20:29:38

In R5, turn price is still restricted to 75 levels per secondly. In R6, this restriction has actually been gotten rid of for ships, although maximum turn price in turrets is still 75 dps. This suggests that Rix currently has a yaw price of 90 dps. Additionally, given that Dreg begins with a 75 dps transform price, their dexterity upgrades will certainly currently increase their turn price as opposed to simply their torque. Roll price was never ever covered.

- Compellor

2019-05-10 16:10:43

It does not matter just how rapid you rotate about, if you are eliminating your energy, you are making on your own a spinning/sitting target.

if you are not proactively attempting to fire something, you need to generally be attempting to maintain your quicken.

see : "why mashing sidethrusters obtains you eliminated much faster"

EDIT : The capacity to rotate much faster, is just valuable to transform your ship around, transforming your ship around in 3rd individual sight does not profit you, due to the fact that it is really tough to intend properly.

additionally, despite having a remapping of the control keys, the tiny hold-up in between the zoom - in/zoom - out is mosting likely to add even more complication

2019-05-08 10:03:56