Books/Notes referral demand: Multivalued functions/Riemann surface areas

I'm attempting to read a record that uses Riemann-Roch left, right and also facility. I do not recognize this theory or the concept it originates from so I require to accumulate a little bit extra history prior to I can tackle this.

Can you please advise excellent publications or (online) lecture notes which cover "multi-valued features", Riemann Surfaces and also comparable approximately (at the very least) Riemann-Roch? (I additionally intend to grab a little bit concerning modular kinds and also the relationship in between latticeworks and also elliptic contours).

(I've done a little bit of intricate calculus yet it was all with example to actual evaluation so I am not exactly sure that it will actually offer me any kind of running start below. Additionally apologies for being so vauge with this yet I do not recognize adequate concerning this based on be anymore specific)

2019-05-05 23:34:01
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You could such as Raghavan Narasimhan's "Compact Riemann Surfaces". It does points like the building and construction of the Jacobian. It appears to match your passions best.

2019-05-10 21:13:38

The publication by Otto Forster on Riemann Surfaces is respectable. I never ever ended up reviewing it myself, yet it covers points like Riemann - Roch and also Abel's theory from a sheafish point of view. Specifically, the evidence of Riemann - Roch is similar to the one in Hartshorne ; it adheres to from the Serre duality theory and also an inductive argument. Learning more about sheaves is most definitely an and also.

Additionally, there's a publication by Springer, though the degree is a little bit extra primary.

2019-05-08 12:56:28