Just how can I set up my website to make use of Google Apps for Domains using cPanel

Not a concern I have currently, the good news is, as I've switched over hosts, yet this frustrated me for some time.

I had actually a website organized with a host that did not offer me a DNS control board, simply cPanel. Exists a means making use of cPanel to set up Google Apps for Domains for e-mail?

2019-05-05 23:40:16
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CPanel need to permit you to add CNAME documents for confirmation and also aliasing. I think it is under pen names or subdomains in CPanel.

For MX documents, they generally have an alternative for that, in some circumstances, I think it just permitted me to enter a solitary MX access, yet that suffices to get Apps up and also functioning, you simply shed a little redundancy. Seek "DNS Record" or "MX Entry" or perhaps simply "Email" or "Mail" on the CPanel symbols. I do not have one readily available that I can reference or I would certainly have a little extra self-confidence for the alternatives.

2019-05-08 19:05:38

You can make use of ZoneEdit. You get 5 free Zones.

When you join and also add a domain name you will certainly be offered 2 nameservers.

Reproduce your host's existing DNS access in ZoneEdit.

Add/Update the MX documents etc to Google Apps.

Aim your domain name at the ZoneEdit nameservers.

Wait approximately 72 hrs for the adjustments to circulate around DNS.

My host (FastHosts in the UK) does not sustain innovative DNS setups so I presently have 7 domain names in ZoneEdit to permit me to make use of Google Apps.

2019-05-08 09:10:11