Dwarf Fortress Traps and also Levers

Just how do I recognize if/which trap/door/etc is connected to which bar?

2019-05-05 23:43:44
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Answers: 3

Levers can not be connected to the very same door/trap two times. If you have perseverance, you can attempt to link the bar to a new catch, check out the entire checklist of catches and also see which one is missing out on.

2019-05-11 01:03:49

Label them with a note N when created.

2019-05-11 00:23:30

You do not.

It's almost difficult to see what a bar runs without drawing it and also seeing what takes place.

You primarily have a couple of alternatives :

  1. Place the bar near things it influences (not wonderful if you're intending to settle bars to one control area with a worried - out, twitchy dwarf).
  2. Shade - code the bars by making them out of materials that have known colors.
  3. Shade - code the wall surface behind or flooring around a bar with a details tinted rock.
  4. Usage details tinted rock to create a flooring mosaic with letter (s) to classify the bar.
  5. Arrange your bars right into bays (one recess has door bars, an additional has catches).
  6. Any kind of mix of the above.
2019-05-08 10:16:32