Do you recognize any kind of Web Search applications where you can define even more engines/websites at once?

Google is the Web Search engine that I make use of regularly, yet I would love to recognize if there are internet applications where you can specify a checklist of internet search engine or website you intend to fetch the information for, in a solitary shot.

The suggestion is to define, as an example, that I desire fetch the search engine result from:

  • 10 leading arise from Google
  • 10 from Bing
  • 10 from Microsoft MSDN Forums
  • 10 from Stack Overflow

Do you recognize something valuable?

2019-05-05 23:45:57
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Answers: 2

Here's one that's been around for some time:

From the front web page, it resembles it looks Google, Yahoo, Bing and also Ask.

Powered by Metasearch modern technology, Dogpile returns all the most effective arise from leading internet search engine consisting of Google, Yahoo!, Bing and also Ask, so you locate what you're seeking much faster.


2019-05-09 03:08:54

MetCrawler is an on-line remedy : makes use of metasearch modern technology to compile arise from most of the Web's significant search buildings, supplying even more pertinent and also thorough outcomes every single time you search. By accessing numerous internet search engine for each and every question, gives you with a richer and also extra pertinent range of outcomes than you would certainly from making use of any kind of solitary search engine.

2019-05-08 10:53:38