Would certainly I go to a negative aspect if I played Quake Live with an HUD that presented damages to fatality "as opposed to" wellness and also armour numbers?

There are many custom HUDs readily available for Quake Live; most make all numbers bigger due to the fact that, hi there, every little thing is necessary right?

Clearly, this can not hold true. Something needs to offer.

I think that damages to fatality is more vital details than wellness and also shield matters. Possibly the wellness and also armour matter would certainly come in handy to have around to recognize what thing should grab first, yet I think an even more usual circumstance is inquiries like "can I be oneshotted by a railgun this actual minute"?

Every one of the factors made in this quickly closed question do not relate to Quake 3-- damages is dispersed in between shield and also wellness individually from the resource ¹. There are no negative effects to having reduced wellness.

In my point of view, this would certainly additionally aid recognize what these numbers actually suggest. Claim, as an example, you have 25 wellness and also 0 armour, after that selected a red armour. Currently you have 25 wellness and also 100 armour. Quick: will certainly a railgun (110 damages) oneshot you?

[Solution: of course. Without a doubt, 75 damages suffice to eliminate you (-25 to wellness, -50 to armour). All the best computing that throughout the video game ...]

The only actual disadvantage would certainly be not recognizing what I need to be seeking: wellness or shield. Nonetheless, I think this is an inquiry different armour and also wellness bars would certainly address greater than appropriately. (extra on this listed below)

Exists something I'm missing out on from the large image? Why exists no mod that attempts to do this? Is maintaining various counters this vital in Quake Live?

¹ The only distinction would certainly be for the lightning weapon, which as a result of rounding bargains 5 shield damages and also just 2 wellness damages.


To make myself crystal clear below, I'll upload an image of what I desired:

Different bars would certainly address the "what I need to be seeking: wellness or shield" inquiry, yet the real numbers (the "matter") would not be presented. Why would certainly you desire it? This is my entire inquiry.

Hope this aids.

2019-05-05 23:53:31
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The only actual disadvantage would certainly be not recognizing what I need to be seeking : wellness or shield.

I assume this is a large critical disadvantage. You can have a high number in your (to fatality) and also you run over a ya and also absolutely nothing adjustments (or really little) and also you start asking yourself why and also you are utilizing your priceless time in attempting to identify just how much wellness you require and also where it is as opposed to recognizing that prior to you touched the ya.

2019-05-08 10:39:36

This is something of an enhanced comment, greater than a solution by itself.

There are 2 results that your selection of substance HUD has in contrast to a default display screen of 2 numbers.

  • As opposed to presenting the varieties of each value, you have a bar presented. The result is useful to those that function much better on aesthetic distinctions and also loved one adjustments, yet unfavorable to those that rely upon values and also outright adjustments.
  • There is a substance display screen for the blog post - computed "damages restriction". This is useful to those that can refrain a fast estimation quickly, and also unfavorable to any person that relies upon seeing the different matters.

This refers details replacement, not enhancement or reduction. You are offered specifically the very same details as every person else, the only distinction is just how it is provided, and also just how well you analyze that details. The HUD itself gives no benefit or negative aspect.

2019-05-08 10:34:44