Is it feasible (yet) to make use of old laptop TFTs as added displays?

I have numerous old laptop computers laying around which remain in numerous states of brokenness. It would certainly behave to be able to make use of the TFTs as added (tiny) displays on various other computer systems, or to utilize them to link as examination displays when attempting to detect various other PCs.

Do laptop computers make use of a typical adequate user interface since I would certainly have the ability to link something with the LVDS user interface and also take advantage of them?

(Keep in mind that the laptop computers which are functioning yet no excellent to me have actually currently mosted likely to recycling/charity, so it's simply ones which will just be any kind of excellent as spares-- and also if this actually isn't feasible after that they'll get reused also :)

2019-05-05 23:59:09
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You would certainly require to acquire an LCD Controller to wire the laptop TFT right into. Laptop LCD displays are disjoint from the essential controller equipment that converts the typical VGA/DVI/etc signals to the approximate LCD signals.

So it's feasible, your simply mosting likely to need to invest loan to do it. The various other trouble is locating a controller that works with your collected LCD screen.

2019-05-07 17:37:43