Just how do I publish from throughout the Internet making use of CUPS

I function as the programmer/IT individual at a tiny firm and also I've faced a little a trouble.

Equipment is constructed below at the workplace yet the equipment face plates are screen published at my residence by my mama. She has this stick concerning points and also calls for a Purchase Order to be supplied from the workplace. Publishing one out herself using email isn't an alternative (it simply isn't, do not request for a practical solution).

Due to the fact that I take place to stay in the very same residence, It's up to me to supply these Purchase Orders, and also I'm simply bad at it. I neglect, or she's away, or I do not go straight residence or whatever.

Real Question: I would love to send a record to a printer below at the workplace, and also have the outcome altercation out by the Canon Print Device in the house. There goes to the very least one Linux and also one Windows computer system at both finishes (Ubuntu or XP). Is this feasible?

2019-05-04 00:03:13
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Any current variation of Windows will certainly allow you make use of the Internet Printing Protocol. You simply require to open an opening in the firewall program for the port. Afterwards it is rather very easy to send print work via the net.

2019-05-08 01:26:06

This depends a whole lot on the connection in between your residence and also workplace. You primarily require to set up a passage or VPN in between both to publish straight.

That claimed, there are various other points you can possibly simulate : email PDFs from your house to an email address that some software program on the ubuntu equipment checks instantly and also if located downloads and also prints any kind of PDFs. Gently troubled, yet much less so than opening your printer approximately bushes of the net, and also it needs to be within the reach of a practical sized perl program.

2019-05-07 18:23:48