Excellent internet site to link to for common linux campaigning for

I would love to have a link on internet site, both marketing the reality that I make use of (GNU/) linux, and also aiming the interested viewers to a resource to read more details. Yet I'm having problem locating the appropriate area to link.


  • Not circulation details. (Presumably unacceptable to link to anything yet the distro I in fact make use of, yet Arch Linux is not actually appropriate for newbies.)
  • Newbie pleasant. Claims in really straightforward terms what linux is for those that do not currently have any kind of suggestion. Links to download and install and also newbie sources.
  • Not extremely preachy. Does not embarassment or reprimand individuals for misbehaving, mischievous Windows/Apple/non-free-software users.
  • Specialist looking and also approximately day.
  • Offers linux in a favorable light.

Yet I'm having problem locating a location that matches all these standards. Below are several of things I've taken into consideration, yet do not appear right for one factor or an additional:

  • Linux online! Provides suitable recap, yet the web page is exceptionally amateur looking (IMHO); right out of the mid-1990s.
  • Linux.com or the Linux foundation: To me, these appear even more focused on those that currently recognize what linux is, and also intend to discover more concerning the structure, or current linux-related information, as opposed to newbies; yet the first link might be an opportunity; some the web pages hidden much deeper down are extra encouraging.
  • Switching to Linux web page on Grokdoc; a great resource of details, yet is simply details just, no oomph.


2019-05-06 00:12:09
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This website does not follow the " Not circulation details" yet you recognize what they claim : " ... Learn Slackware, Learn Linux" , so, because spirit, look into the Slackbook =)

2019-05-08 19:01:57

Let individuals discover themselves. alternativeto.net permits you to locate different applications for various os.

Individuals enjoy images, whylinuxisbetter.net has a wonderful recap design touchdown web page with images, click them for a thorough failure.

Update : There are so many sites that advocate GNU/Linux, and also simply located this list of links that will certainly maintain any person active for a long time.

There is additionally websites like http://badvista.fsf.org that support using FUD, yet I assume it's ideal to adhere to websites that concentrate on the favorable of Linux, and also not the downsides of the competitors (for newbies at the very least).

2019-05-08 17:09:01

I located linuxquestions.org to be a wonderful discussion forum, specifically for newbies.

I still ask an inquiry occasionally there, when I require a rather fast feedback and also do not intend to make use of Usenet, specifically when it's worrying heritage equipment, etc

Don't recognize if you intend to place this on your internet site, yet it's most definitely an excellent area to start.

2019-05-08 14:50:06