Just what is a 'tag package' in Delicious?

Just how can and also can not it be made use of?

2019-05-06 00:16:06
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This attribute permits you to incorporate numerous relevant tags right into a sensible group. So, as an example, you could incorporate the tags "player", "bottle", and also "fielder" right into a package and also call it "Baseball".

It does not transform anything concerning the existing tags, yet does permit you to create an additional degree of heirarchy. When considering your book marks, del.icio.us will certainly show this package and also all the tags organized under it as a different area.

The speculative tag packages are a wonderful means to imitate folders in del.icio.us. To take points an action better, You can maintains every one of your tags lowercase, yet exploits the first letter of the tag packages, making it also less complicated to track and also arrange your book marks in packages.

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I was asked in the remarks : just how the organizing jobs? If I look for bottle will I get every one of the web links marked Baseball?

My solution : No, it will not be received search (or the search filter). It is merely a means to pack all your tags in the appropriate navigating bar. I had fun with it (I assume 2 years ago). never ever located it to be worth the moment in retrospection (due to the fact that at some point, you simply look all your book marks) I do not assume there is even more to recognize :)

2019-05-08 10:07:38