Are isosceles constantly and also just comparable to various other isosceles?

In my geometry class in 2014 I bear in mind taking down the declaration in a column evidence "That all isosceles are constantly and also just comparable to various other isosceles". I do not remember what I was attempting to confirm. Yet, I do bear in mind that I was worried which was the only point I can consider and also made a hunch reasoning I would possibly get the evidence incorrect on my examination.

Amusing adequate though, I really did not get the evidence incorrect and also I was asking yourself if any person can show an evidence regarding why this would certainly hold true. I suggest I makes good sense yet, I do not see any kind of means to confirm it. Could you please clarify just how this holds true?

2019-05-06 00:48:04
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Re - analysis your inquiry, I see 2 feasible analyses of your declaration.

First (and also my initial solution), "If △ ABC is isosceles and also △ ABC ~ △ DEF, after that △ DEF is isosceles." 2 triangles are comparable if and also just if the 3 angles of one are conforming to the 3 angles of the various other. Given that a triangular is isosceles if and also just if 2 of its angles are conforming, if a triangular resembles an isosceles triangular, after that it will certainly additionally have 2 conforming angles and also have to be isosceles.

Second, "If △ ABC and also △ DEF are isosceles, after that they are comparable." This is not real. Intend one triangular has angles with actions 20 °, 20 °, and also 140 ° and also an additional various other triangular has angles with actions 85 °, 85 °, and also 10 °. Both triangles are isosceles (given that within each triangular, there is a set of conforming angles), yet the triangles are dissimilar (due to the fact that the angles of one are not conforming to the angles of the various other).

2019-05-08 12:39:58